How to Plan Your Travel Well in Advance |

Finally, you have decided to go on a vacation, but, still wonder how to plan and successfully execute this. Most of the people have such puzzlement, especially if it is their first trip. Which place to visit, how to commute to and in the destination, what are things to carry along, best travel deals, etc all. To make your trip a great success, just glance through the following travel planning tips.

Do a web search to find out where events will be happening in the next few months. Book the travel tickets in well advance, this way you can save a lot of money. If you have not decided the time or date of travel, book multiple tickets, but do not forget to inform the travel desk about the date of departure. You can also save your pocket by looking in for discount travel packages.

For those traveling with luggage, inform the travel desk in prior. Find out the extra money to be paid for baggage and analyze which airline offers you a fair deal.

Applying for VISA should be done as soon as you start a vacation travel planning, as there are many factors that delay the VISA processing. Re-confirm that ECNR stamp is in your passport, as you cannot travel without it while visiting a different country.

Next to travel, what comes to our mind is accommodation. There are a plenty of travel websites available, and hence you can find a hotel that best suits your need and pocket. Don’t be so hasty. Call the particular hotel to check for special offers, another mean for reducing your vacation expenditure.

For family vacations, getting a room with a kitchenette would be the ideal choice, as taking every meal from out can be quite expensive. Check out for attractions before leaving for a vacation, which will prove to be beneficial during the trip. Knowing the nearby grocery store and gas station will be an added advantage.

If you decided to eat out, then find out any coupons are available. Most importantly the menu, especially when you are with kids.

For those who do corporate travel planning, here are the few tips. While booking hotels, look for corporate rates and discounts. In addition, the company can set benchmark for employees on low cost business travel. This ways, a considerable amount of money can be saved.

Making Your Bed And Breakfast Business Reach A Wider Market |

A bed and breakfast business is a popular choices for a new business. If you plan to set-up your own inn, you should be prepared to face a lot of work to set it up before you can enjoy the fruits of your labor. You have to be realistic and know that opening a B&B is going to take time, money and a lot of innovative marketing.

There are more responsibilities to do for a bed and breakfast business than just preparing breakfasts and making your rooms look pretty. You need to create a system to manage employees, customers, and handling check-ins and check-outs. Documents and permits are also needed. The you will have to create a marketing strategy suited to today’s world. Most successful B&B’s today have very aggressive and modern marketing strategies.

You can still do conventional marketing like posting ads on the papers, getting air-time on the radio and placing billboards everywhere, but now live in a global society. And you have to tap that market. The only way to efficiently reach a wider market is by improving your presence on the world wide web. Many travelers go online to look for airline tickets, car rentals and a place to stay.

Considering this, you will have to do additional marketing online by creating a website and signing up with hospitality directories which travelers search through to find a place to check into. Travelers will also look for hotel and B&B associations online. So it might be a good idea for you to register your business with all those organizations.

After finding plane tickets and accommodations on the Internet, travelers will also book flights and make online hotel reservations. Often times they also have to give a down payment before getting a ticket or arriving at your B&B. Hire a booking agent or reservation service for your bed and breakfast business so that people can see what you offer, make a booking from anywhere they are, and make payments.

The Internet is a useful tool for any business and especially for hotels and inns. The Internet will let travelers know about you, take a lot of load off your shoulders, and make everything convenient for both you and your customers. If you don’t have any internet presence or if your website has poor visibility online, you won’t have that many customers walking in your bed and breakfast business. You will practically be invisible and unknown to most of your potential clients.

Sure residents who live in your city would know your B&B exists and they can refer a few clients your way. But the majority of the market like business travelers, sales reps, and tourists won’t know about you if they can’t find you on the net. The Internet is similar to the old yellow pages, the virtual place to turn to when you’re looking for something.

You can be on the Internet but get lost among all those other B&B websites who are also scrambling to stay on top. There are ways to improve Internet presence for your B&B through Internet marketing. I’m not saying that traditional marketing is useless, but you really need to work more on promoting your bed and breakfast business on the net. It’s how you can stay competitive these days. If you aren’t a techie or Internet savvy, you can find people who can help you get better online visibility.